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Health Food Radar is a webzine that provides you with current information on the healthiest food, best nutrients, supplements, and natural health options to enhance the health and wellbeing of you and your family. We have all the ingredients to feed your health, soul and life.

We are very passionate about what goes in and on our bodies. We want to help others understand what they are consuming too. We want to show people there are alternatives to the over-processed and chemically produced convenience items in the marketplace. There are so many food additives bombarding all of us today. We don’t really know what effect they have on our health, wellbeing and our family.

This website will keep things as close to nature as possible. Keeping food in the kitchen, not in the lab. Real food real information. We are passionate about enjoying good quality food and feeling good after we eat it. When food cannot provide all of the nutrition, we can turn to nutritional supplements for help. HFR will supply unbiased information on living a healthy lifestyle. We will present a variety of viewpoints to provide information for the novice and the more sophisticated health consumer.